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By John Davies

Conceptually, many seem to meander about training with little realization of the actual ideology of what training is focused upon. R style embraces the manifestation of proper postural alignment where movement is optimized in the most efficient manner possible. The body works perfectly and seamlessly. The stabilization factor. Destabilized, random and chaotic environments, making the fear-factor of the unpredictable, acceptable. Fear in not the deadly disease but in fact an ally on your side, a cradle for you. Debate subtleties of exercise, protocols and methodologies but from great athlete to great athlete to weekend warrior the generation, the acceptance and re-direction of power, force, velocity is part of that finite mix to build the perfect athletic structure of power, speed and grace.

But the quest to do so is a slippery slope, challenging and amongst the many strategies confusing to say the least. Again movement, not muscles—improving performance on the field, in life, is the goal and not the testing day accomplishments. But in rigors of training few training tools offer a "perfect" weapon whereby movement, natural fluid movement, is stressed. The core, not extremities are built in the proper fashion and structure, that "athletic structure" builds tall and strong.

R style is happy to introduce a comprehensive look into one of the most important pieces of equipment to enter the market in today's exercise, performance and health market—the X Vest. The X Vest offers a "perfect" training medium where exercise is natural, movement becomes efficient with an immediate carryover.


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