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By John Davies

The exercise and health community has been mired in disarray for some time, really generations, lost in fog, on a road leading nowhere… And with the public spending more than ever on fitness/health, why upset the apple-cart and actually do something to change the course? So with the population speeding towards obesity the status quo is upheld and pockets get lined. But that's for another time, not now.

You see the real problem is understanding or even recognizing concepts and the purpose of training. Why the public walks away from the pretty gym set-ups? Did you ever consider that sub-consciously we know that the story being sold is just a game to get into your wallet. Here's that bomb again—truth. Let's go back and get a bit of truth to this.

Exercise—hold on—was meant to improve life. Yes, earth-shattering isn't it? We want to improve performance on the field of competition and in the field of life. How this is done is basically recognizing the concepts of exercise. The intent is to teach/re-train the body to move in the manner it was meant to, to exhibit proper postural alignment such that action is fluid and effortless. Movement is trained, not musculature. And through diverse stabilization efforts and varying stimuli, adaptation is avoided. The body stabilizes and is able to project, accept and re-direct force.

That being said, the industry of exercise and health has for the most part abandoned concepts over the last few decades and attempted to see every known piece of equipment. Equipment is a medium not (pardon the McLuhanism) the message. It needs to hold true to these concepts and truthfully few rarely do.

Go back again—remember it is movement, effortless movement, the core is trained and proper postural alignment is reinforced. Often complexities, the technical requirements of exercise although good intentions are a weakness, a limiting factor. Yet one piece of equipment satisfies these needs with enormous implications and that is the X-Vest.

The X-Vest is a near-perfect exercise tool. It can be anything from a powerful method of resistance, say in water-based training, to passive exercise in hikes and while it appears I am mentioning it for athletic based training, it is likely the best tool for anyone looking for exercise procedures in proactive Osteo care.

In an upcoming broad series we will be releasing the truth in a series on X-Vest specific training.

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