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By John Davies

Throughout history, man has been fascinated with longevity, eternal youth and the embodiment of physical perfection. From ancient writings to 16th century explorer Ponce de Leon’s search for the fountain of youth to today’s cosmetic surgery and gene research the public insatiable desire for “physical” perfection has been relentless. And with this obsessive fascination increasing, the lengths that people will go to have equally changed. Arguably the most peculiar paradox of this era is that the appreciation of natural beauty, the paralleled maturation of the body and mind has all but eroded as our culture. The sensuality of time is now all but a extinct vestige from another era.

In a perplexing manner, athletic pursuits have paralleled this unbridled obsession. Whilst the public clamors for its confused emaciated image of the perfect body, but leaves the fruits of an educated mind to rest, it lustfully pushes itself toward a myriad of complex and potentially life-threatening surgeries. Mirroring this, the modern athlete of today, now chooses the path of least resistance, or more appropriately begs and hunts for short-cuts that are not there. Choosing the seemingly easy route, whether that be in exercise selection or illegal performance enhancing drugs – the impact of this has pushed the course of athletes off-base on the road to disappointment.

True athletic accomplishments come from the development of the solid formation of generalized and diverse athletic abilities in conjunction with an iron will as noted previously as the Renegade wheel of conditioning. It will serve you like a foundation of proverbial bricks and mortars, an impenetrable structure in which all future development and specific skills to be laid upon.

The failure of most exercise programs or lets say a common omission is simple the first step and the possession of overriding themes and concepts of training. Training should not simply be done to train but to teach the body to move in the manner it was meant to. Muscular development occurs vis-à-vis the purposeful teaching of the proper bio-mechanical co-ordination of movement. In line with the Renegade concepts of training this extends to the management of stabilization as it pertains to the withstanding, propelling and re-directing of force with joint and core strength and ensuring proper postural alignment. Therefore as we cut through the complexities of training we see that “core” of expertise lays the central concern of proper postural alignment and core strength.

While numbers are chased in weight rooms for either athletic or aesthetic reasons – the route to do so is through the establishment, or more aptly put – the perfection of postural alignment. Teaching the body to work in the most efficient manner it was meant to and eliminating imbalances in strength and range of motion. However in the modern gym facility, in lieu of more challenging weight bearing movements that will impact upon the core, range of motion and postural alignment, the exercise enthusiast and the athlete alike have been sold quick-fix solutions. These “solutions” in a peculiar twist of fate are in fact leading to a myriad of problems, injuries and unattained performance goals. Yet this is what makes the Xvest such an extraordinary and rare exercise tool. It is not a technical skill to be learnt, such as performing an Olympic lift or even a unique medium such as a kettlebell and nor does it involve debates regarding various training systems. Simply it is the perfect medium to increase weight-bearing loads on the core in both active exercise or passively wearing during your day.

By re-enforcing proper movement with the use of the Xvest you are unequivocally strengthening the core in the most direct and simple manner possible and with that be on the way to attaining your goals.

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