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By Grant Hansen

I’ve been training hard for a long time now, and harder most recently due to a great training partner who pushes me to and beyond what I thought my limits to be. At the end of each intense training day she usually bangs out a bunch of fisted push-ups to really finish things off … way more reps than I expect her to do. So the male in me has to step up because I can’t allow a girl to outwork me! (OK, sometimes she does; she deserves her props, but I get her back at the pull-up bar.) There’s no question that in the past I’ve put all my heart into my training, stuck to a clean and great diet, and the results should have come, right? Well, they did, but still not as much as I had hoped. So what preventing me from realizing the efforts of my hard work? What was the missing link?


You’ll hear any personal trainer or strength coach emphasize “good form,” but that means a lot more than making sure your arms are in the right position when you’re doing barbell curls. It means more than keeping your toes pointed forward and aiming for a complete range of movement. What it ultimately means is having your body aligned and ready to move in all planes of motion, in all circumstances inside and outside of the weight room. But how do you correct a problem that has existed for most of your life? It’s easy to remember to stick your chest out, pinch your shoulders, and breath right before a rep in the gym … but does it always carry over into daily life? Sitting in your office chair, getting up for some coffee, and sitting back down? Not always.

I first began using the Xvest™ simply because I knew it would add another challenge to my training. I also read how great it was for developing explosive power and speed, just by wearing it around all day. The greatest benefit I have gotten from it, however, was one I didn’t expect.

When I strap-on the Xvest™ it forces me to stand, or sit, with good posture. If I don’t I will feel it in my lower back and shoulders, and obviously, I don’t want to feel that. The adjustment was rather quick and easy, and soon after I noticed that it carried over to when I wasn’t wearing it! Just by standing with proper posture I look like I’ve lost 10 pounds in my gut, and my movement has improved dramatically. My results from my training have been incredible (just ask anyone who saw my spot on CBS and noted my massive guns ... ok, not massive but certainly bigger than they've ever been!) I’ve never boasted about having 24" pythons and, quite frankly, it's not the focus of my training, but you can't ignore the results when you're doing something right.

My body feels in synch now. My breathing is even better, and strangely (or not so strangely) enough, my range of motion is benefiting too. I found my missing link (or weak spoke) and now my Wheel is getting stronger and stronger every day. I wouldn’t say I’ve got perfect posture yet, but I’m on my way. When your goal in life is continuous improvement, starting down the right path, building the proper momentum, and not straying off course will lead you to higher mountaintops.

Is your posture holding you back?

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