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Bill as he is today.BLOCKBUSTER INTERVIEW!


GRANT: I'll start easy for you, because some I'm not sure if you'll know or not.

BILL: Do I get any lifelines?

GRANT: No, but I'll give you some hints. What were the Reynolds Twins first names?

BILL: Oh! In real life or in the movie?

GRANT: In the movie.

BILL: Uh… ugh! I'll have my secretary get back to you on that one.

GRANT: They both began with "R". Blah and blah …

BILL: Ricky … uh …

GRANT: Rod and Rex.

BILL: Rod and Rex. Right. So much for starting off easy.

GRANT: What town was Helltrack in?

BILL: The track was in Oregon. Wow. Was it in Oregon? I think. The state was never mentioned.

GRANT: Cochran.

BILL: Cochran, yes! Holy cow …

GRANT: What was Cru's little sister's name?

BILL: Wesley?

GRANT: There you go!!! How about Luke's girlfriend's name?

BILL: Luke's girlfriend's name … dude … Do you know this? Even if you didn't watch it recently?

GRANT: Yes, it's only mentioned once or twice in the movie. Becky.

BILL: Becky …

GRANT: How about Cru's overweight co-worker?

BILL: Uh … he's got a name?

GRANT: Yes, you called him one name but he had to correct you because you were making for of him.

BILL: Right, like Bart or …

GRANT: You should have watched it. "Bob, not Blob."

BILL: I need to have my mother send my up a copy because I don't have one.

GRANT: OK, I'll just read you some so you know how we stump each other at the races, and prove what little lives we actually have.

GRANT: What was the federation that organized Helltrack? The American Bicyclists Federation.

GRANT: OK, Duke Best. What bike company does he work for?

BILL: Oh my God!!! It's not a real company, right?

GRANT: No, it is! It is.

BILL: Mongoose.

GRANT: There you go!! Here's a hard one. What was Cochran High School's mascot? Like, why would you know this? But at the dance, there's a painting of a Cobra on the wall, so obviously, the Cochran Cobras. We have to come up with questions like this to stump each other.

BILL: I guess so.

GRANT: What were your first lines in the movie.

BILL: "Hey dudes let's walk this sucker."

GRANT: YES!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, no one gets that!

BILL: See, I pay attention when I have to talk.

GRANT: Do you know the last line of the movie and who said it?

BILL: Oh my God … um … is it Wesley?

GRANT: Yeah …

BILL: I can't remember what she said.

GRANT: "Now that we're official, you think we have room for one more on the Rad team?" "Yeah, what a team!"

BILL: That's right. Very clever.

GRANT: Alright, this is the last one I'll make you suffer through. What was Cru's first name?

BILL: His real first name? Uh, not Cru obviously.

GRANT: It's only said once in the movie. When his mom wouldn't let him qualify for Helltrack, and he brings up his dad. Mom goes, "Don't pull that stuff with me, Christopher."


GRANT: Well, if you plan on showing up at the track …

BILL: I better be up on it.

GRANT: You better watch the movie a couple hundred times. Because this is all you're going to get.

BILL: "You don't even know your real name dude!"

GRANT: (laugher) But it reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit with William Shatner …

BILL: "Get a life!"

GRANT: Yes! At the Star Trek convention. Why would you know this stuff, you know? You did your job and it was a great thing …

BILL: Then people go off with it. I know some good psychological help on the east coast if you need to de-tox from Rad a bit.

GRANT: It's something to do in between races. I've got this one friend (Adam Cardin) … he's sick. He knows every lyric to every song … and pretty much every line. He'll ask you to say a line and he'll say the line that follows it. So, were you able to keep anything from the set? Like shirts, uniforms, etc?

BILL: Yeah, I got wardrobe stuff, a lot of publicity stuff, but they never did give me a bike.

GRANT: What about the custom hockey helmet?

BILL: I didn't keep that. Some of the wardrobe stuff was dead-center 80s.

GRANT: Not the best era for fashion. The best pants you had were when you were bicycle boogying … they were gray with like a white pleat down the sides. I'd love to find a pair of those.

BILL: Oh man you'd be so happening. For some reason, I didn't ask for any of my wardrobe from it.

GRANT: One last thing … anything you'd like to say to all those who have been following the movie?

BILL: Wear your helmets! I got bashed around a lot in that movie. I mashed my skull pretty hard in one take. It's not about looking pretty, it's about winning races.

GRANT: Well, thanks so much man. It's been great talking to you!

BILL: Thank you!

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